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A NZEB Training Centre to be established in Kyiv

February 15, 2016, Buharest, Romania - MDI participated in the 2nd meeting of the Project "Train-to-NZEB: The Building Knowledge Hubs". The Project is financed by the European Commission and implemented by 12 implemeting partners of 6 countries, one of which is MDI in Ukraine. 

MDI presented to meeting participants the concept of the largest in Ukraine NZEB Training and Consulting Knowledge Hub (see MDI’s presentation). The Centre in Ukraine will be hosted by the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (31, Povitroflotskyi Prospekt) in Kyiv.

According to the Concept, establishment of the Ukrainian NZEB Centre will be split into two phases. During Phase 1, Kyiv University of Construction and Architecture will allocate three rooms in the main University’s building. The rooms will be used as training and consultation facilities. MDI established partnerships with several leading EE materials and equipment producers which will contribute to Project’s success in Ukraine. These producers are:

  • REHAU will contribute to practical classes on energy efficient translucent systems, design and installation of energy efficient engineering networks and equipment, alternative energy sources and equipment.
  • TechnoNIKOL Corporation will contribute to practical classes on energy efficient materials for heat insulation of building envelope, foundations and roofing structures, energy efficient insulation materials, assembly of facade systems of buildings.
  • Henkel will contribute to practical classes on energy efficient materials for building envelope, decoration materials, modern facade systems of buildings and facilities.
  • Danfoss will contribute to practical classes on internal and external engineering networks, heat engineering equipment and cooling systems.

These companies will also offer their training facilities and demonstration areas for trainings for thee project target audiences.

Train-to-NZEB target audiences are:

  1. Construction workers (masters, job foremasters, foremen, engineering supervision specialists).
  2. Building industry professionals (designers, architects, engineers, construction works coordinators, design and construction consultants).
  3. Non-professional decision-makers (key executives and representatives of government institutions).

Under Phase 2, training facilities of the Ukrainian NZEB Centre will be expanded and new partnerships will be established.