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Municipal Heating Reform in Ukraine


Examination and analysis of heat supply systems

  • instrumental measurements in district heating systems
  • technical inspection and diagnosis of heat supply systems
  • technical inspection of boiler-houses, central heating substations, and heat networks
  • assessment of energy efficiency of pumping equipment
  • consulting on energy efficiency in heat supply systems
  • consulting on implementation of energy efficiency projects
  • feasibility studies for projects
  • investment project selection and evaluation

Financial management and pricing

  • consulting on topical issues in tariff design and tariff setting for services of district heat supply
  • tariff expertise on calculation of tariffs for services of district heat supply
  • preparation of feasibility studies, legislation memos, and other substantiation reports on design of tariffs and setting of tariffs for services of district heat supply
  • consulting on pricing to the public, local self-governments (councils, executive committees)
  • tariff calculation based on the software Model for Tariff Calculation, including:
    • on production, transportation, and supply of heat energy, and provision of district heating and hot tap water supply services
    • two-tier tariffs on heat energy, and district heating and hot tap water supply services
    • on all kinds of communal services being provided by one business entity
  • introduction of a software-based approach to creation of annual production and services plans (a production program) by communal services providers (based on the Production Program Development Model)
  • assistance to local self-governments in drafting of legislation on tariff regulation and billing (application of tariffs, adjustment of tariffs, and recalculation of bills)
  • development of the medium- and long-term Financial Plan for the utility enterprise, with further elaboration of business plans for investment projects, strategic plans, and opting for the best, Financial Planning Model based, scenario for funding the strategic actions
  • assessment of the impact of the implementation of the capital investment program on the utility enterprises’ financial performance and tariff dynamics
  • consulting on the decision on funding sources for investment projects, and support in investor search for housing and communal services sector development

Business and tax accounting

  • advice and recommendations on improvement of methods and tools of accounting, reporting, and taxation
  • expert appraisal of accounting records and financial reports, advice on implementation of the National Accounting Regulations (Standards), and on the accounting practices
  • support to business entities in taxation policy development; assistance in drafting of the order on the company’s taxation policy
  • transaction advice and support; advice on financial management
  • assistance to local self-government bodies in introduction of rational procedures for communal property records and budget funds, and monitoring of their rational use
  • development of methodology materials on specific features in accounting and taxation for natural monopolies
  • developing methods and drafting resolutions on the use of municipal assets in the area of housing and communal services, upon request by local self-governments
  • non-scheduled and mandatory audits of financial reports of enterprises of all forms of ownership
  • expertise, estimation, and justification of the normative personnel strength of enterprises; consultancy on staffing, and on drafting of a collective bargaining contract
  • exclusive consultancy to individual accountants and to companies on topical issues of accounting, reporting, and taxation

Legal consultancy for utility enterprises

  • study of charters by utility enterprises, and of rules and regulations by local self-governments
  • legal advice and drafting regulations on improvement of services by utility enterprises and of regulations by local self-governments in the municipal services area
  • creation of a municipal assets register


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